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Season 7 Champions
VHL Cup Winners
Aaron Brown - Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators
Virtual Hockey League
Season 8
The Virtual Hockey League is set to begin it's 8th season! A league that started in 2005, is still going strong. Thank you to all the dedicated GMs!
Minnesota Wild Press Release
Minnesota - Past, Present, Future.

It’s been a long road for GM Scott since he took over in the 2011 offseason. Originally taking over a playoff team, it has been two years of missing the playoffs since, having the 9th overall pick and the 1st overall pick after winning the lottery from the 7th position. Times are about to change though, as over the last year big changes have come to the Wild’s VHL roster.
2012-13 Minnesota Wild Roster (Opening Night)

Hejduk – Getzlaf – Voracek
Sullivan – Richards – Stempniak
Hodgson - Eller – Marchant
Meyer - Kruger – Frolik

Pronger – Karlsson
Shattenkirk – Beauchemin
Leddy – Tallinder


2013-14 Minnesota Wild Roster (Opening Night Expectation so far)

Stewart – Getzlaf – Voracek
Hodgson – Kopitar – Ryder
Brouwer – Eller – Stempniak
Kruger – Gordon – Frolik

Beauchemin – Ekman-Larsson
Karlsson – Shattenkirk
Leddy - Weaver


Sporting 8 new pieces compared to opening night of last year and a vastly improved group of returning top 9 forwards, there is sure to be with a ton more fire-power this season. If we look at a comparison of the past two years top 9 forward groups, this years put up 5 more points (337) than last years squad (332) in a staggering 255 less games played for a ppg of slightly over 0.8. This turns into an increase of just over 0.3 ppg from the top 9, something that should clearly be noticeable on the ice. Changes were also made to the defence and the back-up goaltender position and while not as big as the forward changes they are bound to make an impact. The two new defensemen compared to opening day roster last season, being the young stud in Oliver Ekman-Larsson and the vet in Mike Weaver are replacing the likes of future HOF player Chris Pronger and another vet in Henrik Tallinder.

There is certainly high expectation this season for the Wild, only time will tell if they are met.

*Prospects highlighted in later article

2005-2006Scott Davidson - Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo defeats STL in 7 Games

2006-2007Corey Lueders - San Jose Sharks
San Jose defeats PHI in 5 Games

2007-2008Scott Davidson - Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo defeats EDM in 5 Games

2008-2009Brandon Lismanis - Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh defeats DET in 6 Games

2009-2010Scott Davidson - Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo defeats DAL in 4 Games

2010-2011Chicago Blackhawks

2011-2012Aaron Brown - Ottawa Senators